Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trying to Be An Adult Here

This is why it's so hard for me at times to be an 'adult' and make 'adult' decisions.  Decisions like how many QAL and KAL and 'any-alongs' I need/want to participate in.

I am really up to my eyes in WIP's and UFO's of all varieties.  And I just added a day long class on the Cleopatra's Fan pattern which I had pinned to Pinterest.  So why have I spent the past few days worried about the fabric I might need to participate in The Splendid Sampler?

After all, I have just started on fox faces with cat faces to follow.  Eighty foxes to be precise.  And the 'bad' thing about it is once I make a face, I then have two HST's to use.  After all, they are too big to throw away.  So that will be 160 HST's to use.

This is not mentioning the costumes I have to get ready in about 3 months.  Ssssooooo.....

I am going to try and be an adult.  I will just lurk and stalk the site and maybe do the blocks which really present an interesting technique.  Maybe....

Monday, February 08, 2016

Mandala Monday

I am feeling the need for spring.  Or rather the weather is feeling spring-like and I feel the need to start seeds indoors.  However, I have this nagging feeling Mother Nature is waiting for me to do just that and then dump about 24 inches of snow on top of them and drop the temperatures from the 40-50's to 0-10 degrees.

So I am plotting out my garden areas in the tiny yard and think I have it down in my mind.  And can't wait for the tulips I was given to come up.  I want to breathe in the scent of warming soil and compost.

In the meantime, I will dream of summer's past.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Week in Review - January 31 - February 6

I have been 'off my stride' for the past couple of weeks.  Actually, I am blaming it on the fact the coming year is the Year of the Monkey and the Monkey is already playing games.  This year's Monkey is a Fire Monkey and clashes with my Fire Rooster (guess that makes me BBQ Chicken?).  But if I believe in the predictions for the Rooster during 2016, it should be a good year for me.  However, I need to get things done this year so I can lay low next year, as 2017 is the Year of the Rooster and supposedly you don't do well in your year.


While I have been in a cranky funk, I did manage to get some things accomplished.

  • Books read - 4
  • Posts written - 5
  • Walked - 59,075 steps/27.02 miles or 84% of my goal
  • Ordered my new glasses (along with Texter's)
  • Stuck to my menu for the week

And on the fabric front - 

I picked up the backing and background for Savvy's Cat quilt.  I also picked up the background for Texter's Fox quilt.  In fact, I managed to cut it up into the strips needed yesterday and start on my fox faces.

But before I started on that, I got the RSC16 block out of the way for February.  The color is brown with pink overtones.  So I picked up a few fat quarters as I didn't have much brown in my stash.  Please forgive the shadow over the block.

A quick and fun block which forms some interesting patterns when placed together.  Not sure yet how they will fit in the final product.  Once I finished up with these and filed them in their box with January's blocks, I did my scrappy strip in brown.

I can't wait to see how my 'color wheel' is going to turn out by the end of the year.  I will probably have to make a couple of extras as I go along to have enough, but will see.

So brown and blue are done and in the box, all safe and sound to clear off the design board for fox faces.  I took some pictures yesterday, but they are all 'yucky', so I'll take some more today and post them later.  Four are complete, which leaves 76 more to go!

The coming week is pretty uneventful (thank goodness).  
  • Attend Quilter's Guild meeting (maybe)
  • Lady K's Valentine Party at Daycare (transporting cupcakes and Texter)
  • Dinner for members of TRIO (Texter thing at school) which I am invited to attend
  • Play with the juicer I was given (we all want do to more juices and smoothies)
  • Be more attentive to my planner and goals (have fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks)
I have a ton of reading I need to get cranking on.  And I haven't forgotten the Mystery Quilt, which is so close to being done.  But I just can't get the 'umph' necessary to complete.  I have the 15th off for a holiday, as well as my normal days off, which will give me a 4 day weekend.  I am going to strive to get it done then.

So off for another cup of chocolate coffee and some blog reading before I start breakfast.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Addictions and Bee Hive Swap Progress

Hello, my name is Judy and I have an addiction.  I have become addicted to swaps and 'AL's' (alongs).  And then I find one more.  How could you not want to participate in something called A Splendid Sampler?

Tons of different designers.  Lots of different techniques to use.  30-35 fat quarters of fabric.  Yummy.

So I am pondering if I want to participate or not.  Having seen my Hive Leader's aqua and gray combination, I am leaning toward using this combination in the quilt, if I decide to go along with it.

Sorry for the bit of blurriness in the pictures.  That's what you get when you take pictures rather than going to bed and waiting until the next morning.

The top block is the one I'm keeping (I like to make duplicates during swaps).  I had a repeat in the fabric by accident.  The bottom one is the one I sent off for the swap.

Right now, I have the following in 'active' process...

  • Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - I have some 4 patches to finish up so I can put the blocks together.  I need to just sit down and start sewing the 'boring' part and get it out of the way.
  • Bee Hive Swap - done for the month
  • RSC16 - awaiting the announcement of the block for February.  Have the browns all picked out and ready to go.  Once this is done, then I can do my scrap strip in brown.
  • Farmer's Wife - so far behind and need to sit down and start cranking out blocks 
  • Modern HST - awaiting the next block (which will be next week)
  • La Pass - definitely on the back burner
And now I am considering adding the Splendid Sampler!  (Oh, and to make this better, I have a friend who is encouraging me to get involved with this summer's Row-By-Row so we can do a quilt hop around Montana!)

Did I mention I have Elizabeth Hartman's Foxes and Cats in the works?  I have been cutting strips, getting ready to sit down and crank out some fox faces and cat faces.

Texter picked out fabrics she wanted for fox faces.  I will sew those up and then see how many more I need for the twin size quilt.  As I sew those, I will be getting all scrappy with the cat faces.  And I still have the Forest Fancy to do!  But Foxes and Cats first.  Tons of strips to cut first, but at least once that is done, it will be a simple process to make the faces.

So as you can see, I have a problem.  Too many quilts and not enough time!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Starting Before You Finish

My 2015 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt is still partially on the design board and partially in it's box.  I got ssssooooo tired of sewing little 4 patches and will have to gear up my resolve to continue on with it.  I have my 'resolve' scheduled for Sunday to at least move forward with it.

In the meantime, I purchased a couple of patterns I have had my eye on for some time now.  Both of them are by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson.  They are clean and bright and modern, a real departure from other things I am working on.  And my recent obsession purchases, started with this pattern.

This is her Forest Fancy and Texter and I both flipped over it.  I love the rainbow effect and how different colors make the same blocks look different.  Upon buying the pattern, I am thrilled on the fabrics needed, she has pictures and how she lined up the 5-6 different fabrics in each color and how much in solids and how much in prints.  Really helpful.

Then I realized she had a pattern which was just foxes (Texter's favorite).

I found some light grey with little embroidered arrows in the same grey on it for the background and will probably go with bright modern fabrics for the fox faces.  Texter is over the top in anticipation for this one.

Not to leave out Savvy, I used still more coupons and purchased several yards of the Tula Pink Elizabeth for the backing for this quilt.

Cats!  I have a purple for the background and tons of prints which I will be using for the 100 cats I have to make for the quilt.  But I think once I get started, I can assembly line production.  I am not sure I will be doing the rainbow effect, but maybe.

What is funny is that I have to get some solids to coordinate.  I have only been concentrating on prints.

But both the cats and the foxes have this little whimsical treat.  Glasses!

There will be glasses on a couple in each quilt.  How could I leave them out.

But in the meantime, I have been working on my Bee Hive Swap for February.  The colors were grey and aqua.  I will be using the 'leftovers' to make cats and foxes with.

Definitely modern prints and even though the background for the fox quilt is grey, these are darker and will work out just fine.  Once I get my 'curves' for the block completed to my satisfaction, I will show you what it looks like.  Right now I am glad I am not doing a quilt with curves.

I have stayed up on my Modern HST QAL.  The last block was "Ninja".

I 'think' my points are getting better, but the proof will begin the final product.

Here are the two blocks together we have done so far.  Few more days and block number 3 will be released. 

I am waiting for the February block for the RSC16 QAL.  

I also finished up another purple sock.  But I am not thrilled with the looks.  So I set it aside for a bit and will pick it back up again in a few days.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Mandala Monday

February starting out on a high note with the emphasis on getting back on my feet and the 'junk' out of my head and chest.  My month is shaping up to be full and fun and I want to experience it all.  And not through a haze of coughing and hacking and runny nose.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Month in Review and February Goals

Was all primed for January and then was struck down by alien illnesses.  It went from being totally in my head to my chest and am finally getting where I even feel like 'doing' something.  I will probably drop in on a friend's new studio and try and get my creative mojo juices flowing again as I have too much I want to do and not enough time.

But for January, despite everything, it hasn't been too bad on the reaching my goals I set.

  • Outline Seedcrone-Book 1- nope, failed
  • Do my "Bee Hive" swap block and mail off and eagerly awaiting February's posting
  • Send out postcards for Postcrossing - nope
  • Finish up the top for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt well, sort of, almost finished
  • Cut out and stitch up muslin 'draft' of Texter's Harley Quinn cosplay outfit did it and now I need to get all the little supplies to work on the real deal (this coming week)
  • Find a similar pattern for Lady K so they can have matching outfits actually know which one, since Texter is Harley Quinn, will be making Batgirl for Lady K
  • Get my list of outstanding sewing, knitting, and crocheting projects updated did it and added to it
  • Finish thick, purple socks did and love them!  started another pair of purple socks (different pattern)
  • No drive-thru eating - failed
  • Plan menus did and slowly seeing cost of food for the house drop as well as my stress level over "what's for dinner?"
  • Sign up for and mail off the Chaotic Goddess "Book and Cuppa" swap did and mine was delayed getting out due to illness
  • Get the carpet and padding off the porch and to the dump - failed, may have to hire a teenager to do it for me
  • Read one book off my home shelf - didn't happen
Overall, I am pleased with my progress for January, despite being sick for most of it.  Which has refocused my sights on being healthier - as soon as I get better!

For for February - 

  • Work on Seedcrone!  
  • Schedule a writing meet up
  • Do my Bee Hive swap block and get it mailed out on time
  • Finish up the Bonnie Hunter quilt and decide on my next quilt project
  • Order yarn for Knit, Swirl pattern
  • Start working on Harley Quinn outfit
  • Finish purple socks
  • No drive thru eating
  • Continue with menu planning
  • Sign up for next Chaotic Goddess swap
  • Read one book on home shelf
  • Send off my postcard to have printed for Liberate Your Art postcard swap
  • Make some pin cushions
  • Start buying one new towel and one plant a month (don't ask)
  • Check out Old Navy for more dresses
  • Get design board reworked and hung up
  • Check on the status of my Dr. Who scarf and see what yarns I need to buy to complete

Texter and I have a couple of outings in February we want to do.  Museum of the Rockies is on the top of the list.  And we have a BIG outing in March - The Princess Tea - with Lady K in a tiara! 

Update:  Linking up with....


Friday, January 29, 2016

Book and Cuppa Received!


The past couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of coughing, wheezing, and general not-feeling-up-to-snuff.  My activity as been going from bed to recliner and back again. Which is a bad thing when it comes to getting a swap package out.  Mine, sadly, is finally going out today.  (There might be a little extra since I was delayed in getting it out.)

But I received this lusciousness in the mail yesterday afternoon.

I was partnered with Beth Ann at It's Just Life.  I had a giggle the first time I looked at her site, because she is from North Carolina!  And leads an exciting, well-traveled, life.  I do have to admit when I saw the box on the front porch, it is from KnitPicks.  My little fiber nerves just sang, thinking I had yarn!  (So she must knit too!!) But upon opening, there were these goodies.  Her box was a little delayed due to being snowed in the past weekend from the winter storm.  And since North Carolina only as one man and a snow shovel, it takes a while to get unstuck.  Which worked out well, since I was under the weather myself in another way.

Texter wanted to dive right in, but had to advise her "it's mine"!  

A wonderful quilt book which will be my reading in bed for the next few days.  And to carry around with me, too, and read. I had looked at it several times and wanted it as a EPP (English Paper Piecing) reference guide too.  A great book mark and coaster (the coaster being currently in use).  A bright red mug with all things sewing on it.  Can I tell everyone, MY MUG!  A bag of Cafe Au Chocolate coffee (my weekend treat now) and a bar of dark chocolate (yummy).  The coffee I can't wait to try out.  I am imagining the aroma when it brews.  What a great way to start a Sunday morning.  And when the weather is better, the front porch, a book and the coffee.

This is my third swap with Chaotic Goddess team and I have not been disappointed in the least.  I have met three lovely women and had the fun of putting together three gift boxes.  What is interesting is two of the three are close to my age (should I say, not in their 20's young?).  All three are readers and have interesting blogs to explore.  I keep following, even after the swap is over, just because they are so much fun.  If you haven't done a swap before, the ladies at Chaotic Goddess are the ones to try and get your feet wet.

Now to drop off my box!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week in Review - January 17 - 23

I just wish I was feeling as bright and radiant as this sunrise.

So the 'yuck' I had a couple of weeks ago, revisited me this week and settled, not in my head totally, but also my chest.  So now I on antibiotics and an inhaler for bronchitis.  Someone, please purge me! Smudge me with sage!  I hate this!

But I did manage to get grocery shopping done and a menu set until the end of the month.  That makes me feel really good.  Of course, the drain in the basement 'acted up' yesterday and they had to call a plumber.  At least we will be able to eat.  

Otherwise - 
  • 4 books read for the week (and about 4 more started)
  • 35,043 steps, only 50% of my goal.  going from bed to chair doesn't require many steps
  • 4 posts written
  • 1507 words generated
  • sketched out the quilting plan for the Twinkle Star block
  • finished my purple socks

At least we are also not in the Eastern part of the country where people are without power.  If I was still in NC, I would be one of those 'powerless' people right now.  And up to my ears in phone calls at work.  So glad I am here, bronchitis and all.

For the coming week -
  • concentrate on getting rid of this 'junk' I have in my body
  • get my step count back up
  • work on Mystery Quilt, haven't felt like sitting at a sewing machine.  Don't want to work on it less than 100%
  • started new pair of purple socks, different yarn and pattern

So off to drink a glass of orange juice (burned it out of my throat!), take pills and use the inhaler.