Tuesday, July 07, 2015

"Peony" in Progress

I am getting down to the end of cutting and sewing blocks on Peony/Mystery Quilt.  Hopefully today after work, I can finish all the pieces up and start assembling.

I have noticed it is actually coming together with a soft feel to it I was hoping for.  The Mystery quilt actually calls for more contrast between the fabrics.  But three of the four fabrics I have are pretty close in value, so no strong contrast.  The green gives it a punch.  So I feel, once put together, it will have that shabby-chic, mound of peonies look I am going for.  If I can get the blocks together tonight, then Wednesday, after the house inspection, I might actually get the top put together.

I already have my next 'project' in mind and it means pulling out something new rather than finishing up something I already have started.  CJ will be here soon and I haven't made a 'manly' quilt or, specifically, a quilt for CJ.  So I need to pull out the fabric from dress shirts I have and see what ideas I can come up with for the quilt I want to make for CJ.  Thinking a chevron pattern, but have to actually see how much fabric I acquired from the bag of dress shirts I got almost two years ago.  I have washed them and cut off collars and such, but not sure exactly what I have.  I can already see my pile becoming a play toy when I pull them out of the bin and Lady K 'helps'.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Non-Mandala Monday

I am still recuperating from the whirlwind trip to/from Arizona.  I spent all day yesterday, in my room, quilting on my Quilt Shop Hop Mystery Quilt/Peony Quilt.  In other words, being a giant slug. Our Fourth of July celebrating was thanks to Savvy, who bought some items from the Dollar Store.  Lady K was certainly celebrating with her skirt, flowers, glow wand and glow necklaces.  We were all so tired, I don't think any of us heard fireworks if they were even near us.

So no mandala today....much too tired still.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Week In Review - June 28 - July 4

My view most of last week

  • Sewed the top to the alphabet quilt together.  Now to construct the backing and put it all together.  But only when it cools off a bit.
  • Finished Rosette #1 on La Passacaglia.
  • Signed up for the "Local Flavor Swap" on Chaotic Goddess
  • 4 blog posts written
  • 2 books read
  • 35,666 steps or 16.31 miles - not bad considering most of the time was spent in the car this week
  • Drive to/from Arizona made and survived with Texter, Lady K and two cats on the return
  • More papers signed on the house and the home inspection next week.  Fingers crossed!
  • Finished a block for a swap.  Now I just need to get a fabric pen to sign and date it and drop it in the mail. Mailed!
  • Lost the car carrier on the return trip at about 2am outside Butte, Montana
  • Got car carrier back from stranger who stopped and picked it up and bothered to call and deliver it - taking about a 2 hour detour round trip out of his way
The best part of this past week was the kindness of a complete stranger.  I had the brilliant idea, since I decided to power on back through for the return trip, to put most of the items I was bring back, in the car carrier and "secure" to the top of the car.  This included paperwork for the house and my purse (minus my billfold).  When I stopped to top up the gas about 3am in Butte, I looked up and the carrier was gone!  I just wanted to die right there.  Needless to say, there was a lot of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth for most of Saturday morning.

Then about 2 pm, Texter runs into my room, phone in hand, yelling at me to 'get up, get up'.  We had to drive to Qdoba and pick up the car carrier.  A "Mr. Stone" had found it beside the highway outside Butte, found our phone numbers inside, and called, returning it to Savvy at work!  Almost everything was intact, very little lost or damaged.  The important things were all there and in good condition.  This just reinforces my belief in you try to put out 'good intentions/karma', you will get it back.  

Needless to say, after the physically draining drive back and the 'excitement' of the day, we were all in bed about 8 pm last night.  If they did any fireworks near the house last night, I didn't hear it.  

So here's hoping for a smooth home inspection on Wednesday and NO EXCITEMENT for the coming week.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I joined up with Chaotic Goddess for this swap!

First off, I really enjoy swaps and wish I did more of them.  But I have to be practical with time and money.  Secondly, I was pointed to Chaotic Goddess by another blog (which I forget where I saw it originally) and glad I found it.  There are several swaps throughout the year and are clearly defined by topic and dates, another plus.  Third, this forces me to get out and do a bit more 'research' into Montana items.  The best part of a swap is getting your package in the mail.  I love non-bill mail!

So I am off to sample local Montana goodies and put together my box!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mandala Monday - Colors!

This week is going to be crazy!  I work today, Tuesday and Wednesday.  After work Wednesday, throwing Texter and Lady K in the car and we are heading for a super quick trip to Arizona to pick up CJ's cats and some of his 'stuff' to bring back to Montana.  I was going to make the trip alone, but Texter hasn't been to Arizona and quite frankly, is bored at home right now.  Hopefully, this fast trip will be ok for all involved.  At least I will have some company on the trip.

And it's hot here.  I mean really, really hot.  Which is a bit unusual for my 2 years in Montana.  With the dry weather and the heat combination, I don't think there will be many fireworks this coming weekend.  At least today, I am at work in the late afternoon, when it gets it's worse at home.  A friend loaned us a little free-standing AC unit and hopefully it will keep my room cool enough for Lady K.  She handles the heat worse than I do.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week in Review - June 21 - June 27

Alphabet quilt on design 'wall'.  Now I know how to put the strips together
  • Adjustments made on Elsa costume
  • Laid out alphabet blocks and have half the top sewn together
  • Completed some rounds on La Passacaglia
  • Babysat a friend's cats while family on vacation
  • Reported a plumbing issue (no water) while they are miles away
  • Toured house a second time with realtor and made an offer
  • accepted counter offer on the house - now for the inspection and appraisal
  • went for drinks at Triple Divide (they are releasing a Spiced Rum this week)
  • completed Quilt Hop of LQS
  • planned out trip to Arizona to pick up CJ's 'stuff' and bring back
  • Almost completed Rosette #1 on La Passacaglia
  • picked up fabric for my peony quilt
  • walked 41,923 steps or 19.34 miles with 82 active minutes (well below what I want, but I don't do 'hot')
  • read 2 books
  • wrote 5 posts
This coming week will be a doozy.  

  • Savvy signing more papers on the house and dropping off earnest check
  • Getting oil changed and the air conditioner in the car charged (and hope that solves the lack of cold air)
  • Quick round trip to Arizona to pick up CJ's stuff and the cats
  • Hopefully, a drive-through of Bryce Canyon on the trip down to Arizona
  • Work 3 days at the library
  • Catch up on podcasts and audio books during the drive
So there will be little time for sewing in the coming days.  Or much of anything for that matter.  My steps will be really low next week, between the heat and the trip to Arizona.  Hopefully, I will get the rest of the top of the alphabet quilt together and a block I am contributing to a quilt.  Maybe even getting 'Peony' cut out today.

Friday, June 26, 2015

No Longer a Quilt Shop Hop Virgin

Yesterday I got my final stamp on my local quilt stores hop 'passport'.  I have never done a 'hop' before and I must say it's fun.  I learned of, and visited, a couple of 'new' stores to me.  I added a few fat quarters to the stash for La Passacaglia mainly.

My last stop was Bird's Eye Mercantile in Avon, Montana.  It's a cute little quilt store with antiques in the front and fabric in the back of the shop.  All the fabric is $8 a yard, except batiks, which are $8.50.  I picked out my fabric for my peony quilt.  The pattern I am using is the mystery quilt pattern from the hop.  It just seemed fitting to use it.

Green - Batik
 Dogwood Trail by Moda (benefiting the National Quilt Museum in Paducah for 20th Anniversary)
Whitewashed Cottage by 3 Sisters for Moda
Dogwood Trail by Moda

We were suppose to have a dark, medium dark, medium light, and light fabric selection for the mystery quilt.  I wanted soft pinks for the peony quilt.  I think I did ok with my selection for the quilt and myself.  And the design has almost a lattice-like effect, so it should be interesting.  Since it's suppose to be so hot this weekend, I will probably cut out and sew in front of the fan, trying to stay cool.

This batik peeked out at me and I had to buy a bit.  There might be some fussy cutting on this to include in La Pass or maybe a tote bag?  Not sure, but I wanted some.  I also picked up a couple of yards of plain white.  I realized I have no solids in my stash and I needed some white for a block I am contributing to a quilt, so I stocked up on white.

Purple - Simply Style by Vanessa Christenson for Moda
Birds - Family Tree by Deb Strain for Moda

The purple fat quarter I bought because, well, it's purple and I will probably fussy cut for La Pass.  Everything revolves around La Pass these days!  The birds I purchased because the quilt block I am making for a group quilt.  She likes bright.  But once I bought it, once again, it will probably go to La Pass and I am going to use this fabric for the block.  I think it's bright enough!

Mosaic by French Bulle for Wyndham Fabrics

I think this fabric and the white will make a really eye-popping combination.

Rosette #1 is almost complete.  I need to stitch the outer ring on and then it will be done.  I think it turned out pretty good and am looking forward to working on more of the rosettes.  Hopefully, I will make good headway on #2 this weekend in between cutting out fabric and stitching up the alphabet quilt to get it off my design 'wall'.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I have had an abundance of flowers in the house recently.  And after laying in bed and just looking at the peonies on my bedside table, I can tell it doesn't take much to spoil me.  I don't know what I am going to do when the peony season is over and no more peonies I can ravage from Christine's yard.

When I got home from Tizer Botanical Gardens on Saturday night and downloaded my pictures, I was 1 short of 300 pictures of the garden.  No, I am not going to post all of them, but here are a selection of flowers from last Saturday.

The path through the fairy garden area

Big, shaggy orange poppies.  A must for my garden.

Iris, one of my favorites

Lupines in bloom

I need a buddha for my garden

I love whimsy in the garden.

I want these!

The secret garden

A bed of chives

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Quilting Dilemma

I have this problem.  Actually, I have more than one problem, but I'm only going to discuss my quilting conflict now.  It seems I HAVE to make two quilts.  I am compelled to.  It started with this.

The  peonies.  I now want a quilt with soft pinks and whites and maybe backed with a flannel in similar tones.  I see it very 'shabby chic'.  

But then after a day at Tizer Botanical Gardens, I also want (and have to have) a really bold, floral quilt.  Maybe with Kaffe prints?  Something like this quilt...


Now I have added two quilts to my 'have to do' list.  I think the peony quilt will be made using the mystery pattern from the shop hop.  And I think I have to become a 'Kaffe' collector so I can do the other quilt. Oh, and of course, there is the 'Elizabeth' quilt I have to make for Savvy with the Tula Pink Collection.

I need more hours in the day (and money!) 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mandala Monda - A Bee See Day

No Mandala - but heavy on pictures!

Saturday was an event put on by Tizer Botanical Gardens featuring bees.  Since it would allow Lady K a chance to run around and get Texter out of the house, we loaded up and went.  Lady K had one mode - full out!  In fact, we came home, took a nap and went back for the Dutch Oven Dinner they offered.  

Our favorite spot, the sand box

Our dinner being prepared

We stopped - for about two seconds

Wonderful paths to run and play on

Texter had to hustle to keep up

The reason for today's trip

We now have a mason bee house for our new house


Flowers will be coming shortly.